I love slogans.  Mottos.  Tag lines.  “I Like Ike.”  “We Try Harder.”  “The Only Way to Fly.” 

I was in a bar on Martha’s Vineyard last summer.  Some construction workers came in wearing matching company t-shirts with the name of the company on the front and their slogan on the back.  It read on two lines: 

If We Don’t Do It

You Don’t Need It

Succinct.  To the point.  I thought, “That’s brilliant!”   I thought, “That’s Vino Vault!”  I thought, “I’m using that.”  

In the demi-monde of wine, Vino Vault does everything you need.  Now, to be fair, we don’t grow the grapes or make the wine, or bottle it or sell it, and we don’t hammer together wine cellars (so there’s a lot we don’t do), but when you get down to the consumer level, down to the business end of the bottle, we do just about everything else.   

Vino Vault was started by three executives who came out of the Iron Mountain records management business: Jeff Anthony (CEO), Jim Incavo (COO), and Ty Ondatje (CRO).  Iron Mountain started out as a straight storage business for medical, legal, accounting and business firms that were required by law to maintain copies of their records for X-number of years.  That grew into a host of services, and, over time, they got into all kinds of storage: preservation of audio master tapes, film negatives and all sorts of one-of-a-kind collectibles.   

These guys quickly got the idea that wine was a whole different animal than most things people place in storage—not just the inherent value of the stuff being stored, but the idea that a wine collection is an ever-evolving thing, that clients might sell off parts of their inventory at auction and, of course, that their clients had an emotional attachment to the stuff they were storing.  A lot of their new clients like coming down to the warehouse, just to “visit.”   

They figured out pretty quickly that there was a lot more that we could be doing and should be offering: restoration, wine cellar management, auction services, logistics and more.  (I owned a smallish wine storage company in Van Nuys, CA called The Best Cellar that was Vino Vault’s first of several acquisitions, and then joined the company.  In a world where pronouns have taken on more meaning, “they” and “I” became “we.”) 

We wanted to be “one-stop shopping” for wine collectors, and we can now offer a full complement of concierge services at our locations around the country.  

  • Full-service wine storage: It really should go without saying that we offer state-of-the-art wine storage, but there’s much more.  I wanted to trademark the phrase, “Why break your back when we’ll do it for you?”  Seriously, you can just sit back, send your deliveries to us and let our Cellar Masters handle the rest, the mundane, heavy, unpleasant part.  We’ll set you up with a Wine Owners account so you can easily see your storage inventory updates as new bottles arrive, order up what you want, when you want it, delivered where you want it or have it ready for pick up.  All you need is a computer, a corkscrew and a couple of glasses- read more about our services on my blog post here.
  • Moving: If you’re moving across town or across the country, Western Cellar Transport (A Vino Vault Company) is recognized as the leading transportation company in the field.  We can take you anywhere you need to go, refrigerated door-to-door, tracking your wine’s location, temperature, and even the light and vibration level while in transit. 
  • Advisory Services: this is a fancy way of saying buying and selling.  Our Chief Wine Officer (me!) has been dealing with all the auction houses and top wine brokers for years on an everyday basis.  We can probably get you a better deal than you could for yourself as a consignor.  The consultation is free, you’re under no obligation to sell anything, and our involvement won’t cost you anything additional.  Literally, you’ve got nothing to lose when you make the call- learn how here.  
  • Restoration:  Bad things happen.  Floods and fires, mold and earthquakes are not uncommon in wine cellars.  If you do have a problem and need to move out in a hurry and store the wine while your make repairs, we’re here to help.  
  • Home Inventory:  Let us help you get your act together and know what you’ve got at hand.  Call our Somm-on-Demand and we’ll come organize your home cellar by region/type of wine, producer and vintage, and put it all into a CellarTracker.com account so you can easily access all your treasures.
  • Enhanced Service Protection.  Keeping your wine collection protected is paramount.  Vino Vault is one of the very few storage companies who offer an extra layer of protection including catastrophic losses due to earthquake, flood, fire, windstorm, ever breakage, shrinkage and negligence.   

Whatever you need, you only need to make one call.  

Whatever the question, the answer is “Yes!”   

One-stop shopping.   

Because:  If we don’t do it, you don’t need it.