Simplifying and Elevating Your Wine Collecting Experience

Wine collecting is more than simply asset preservation; it’s also about enjoyment. Each wine in a collection embodies a story of the collector’s tastes, where they’ve traveled, and how they imagine sharing special wines with the important people in their lives.

Get back to enjoying your collection, and leave the rest to Vino Vault
"I had been stacking wine in my lockers for years without taking inventory and without any organizational plan to make the wines accessible which needed to be enjoyed soonest. Vino Vault took care of that carefully and thoroughly, unloading every case, adding each to an inventory program, and restacking my wine. Now I am all set to properly take advantage of my wines. Thank you Vino Vault."
C.S., customer since 2015

Our Locations

Your Collection From East to West

As Vino Vault expands to offer additional state-of-the-art locations in major metropolitan areas, collectors can be assured that no matter where you choose to store your wine in our network, it is safely preserved with expert cellar masters guiding every aspect of its logistics and storage, to protect its taste and preserve its value.