State of the art security, management and temperature control.

One of the biggest issues wine collectors face is not knowing what is in their collection. This leads to wines aging past their prime, missing unique sales opportunities, and depreciation of asset value – not to mention the frustration of not being able to find the right wine for the right moment.

  • Our Facilities

    The team behind Vino Vault has been responsible for protecting and preserving one-of-a-kind master recordings for motion picture film, television and music as well as priceless memorabilia for high-profile estates. Our experience providing secure, climate-controlled storage for irreplaceable master works has shaped our unique approach to wine storage.

    As Vino Vault expands to offer additional state-of-the-art locations in major metropolitan areas, collectors can be assured that no matter where you choose to store your wine in our network, it is safely preserved with expert cellar masters guiding every aspect of its logistics and storage, to protect its taste and preserve its value.

  • Cellar Management

    Vino Vault employs wine cellar masters to create a comprehensive inventory of your collection across all storage locations. Our simple app provides the collector with a full view of everything you own: our "single pane of glass" approach.

    Once your collection is organized, we can handle all of the mundane aspects of cellar management for you, identifying the ideal time to drink or sell any bottle in your collection and giving you a clear, informative view of everything you own. Cellar masters are available for follow-up consultations to help you plan and manage future sales or acquisitions to maximize your collections value and enhance your enjoyment of the wines you most prefer.

  • Commercial Services

    We offer ABC-compliant type 14 storage and logistics solutions for restaurants, hotels, specialty importers, auction houses and other commercial clients. A type 14 license not only allows commercial storage of alcohol, but also allows receipt of imports and delivery of distilled spirits. Sommeliers and managers can rest assured that their shipments will be received and stored securely in temperature-controlled environments, with full service or self service inventory management available

  • Enhanced Service Protection

    Keeping your wine collection protected and preserved is paramount, and something that we focus all of our attention on, from our best-in-class security and inventory control to more customized protection solutions. Vino Vault is one of the very few companies who offer an Enhanced Service Protection (“ESP”) plan, which includes improved security measures such as special access control and additional surveillance. Our full service clients enjoy an extra layer of protection including catastrophic losses due to earthquake, flood and windstorm, as well as breakage, shrinkage and negligence.

  • Optimal Storage Conditions

    Ensure your wines mature gracefully with our state-of-the-art climate control systems.

  • Customized Organization

    Tailored management solutions to meticulously categorize your collection.

  • Real-time Tracking

    Stay updated with our digital platform for instant access to your collection details.

  • Expert Consultation

    Professional guidance on when to drink, store, or sell.

Vino Vault provides peace of mind for your most valuable storage assets.
"As the event featured many lots of irreplaceable wines, who better than Vino Vault to entrust with their security? Vino Vault had graciously arranged for the storage of the wines and provided us with easy access to our inventory. We are and will always be so grateful for the professionalism and kindness that the team at Vino Vault has shown us."
Kathleen McBride, Director Association of Volunteers, Children’s Hospital Colorado

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