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We believe in the art and science of collecting, blending the innovations required to disrupt an antiquated industry with the relationships and respect for wine as collectors ourselves.

The Art. Our facilities and services start and end with relationships. We work closely with every client across the U.S. to ensure their needs are met in a customizable way, suited to their collection type and needs. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and act as a partner to the unique needs of each collector. With step-by-step guidance from renowned wine cellar master Jeff Smith, who has managed the private collections of Los Angeles’ elite private collector community for over 20 years, Vino Vault is designed from the ground up to be the most reliable, secure and risk-free wine storage facility available. As we grow, collectors can be assured that each facility in the Vino Vault network meets the same rigorous standards, allowing worry-free shipping, receiving and storage to and from any member storage location.

The Science. With anything valuable, your investment is only as good as the care for it you take. Our team is led by a group of experts in protection and preservation of high value assets; having designed the storage systems relied upon by the world's largest motion picture and music studios to protect their original temperature-sensitive and irreplaceable media masters. We wanted to replicate this same approach to wine storage, bringing with us years of experience in developing industry leading practices for storage, fueled by innovations and facility updates that preserve bottles at their peak quality.

Built for Wine Collectors by Experts in Preservation

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Jeff Anthony

President & CEO

Jim Incavo

Chief Operating Officer

Ty Ondatje

Chief Resource Officer

Jeff Smith

Chief Wine Officer

Eric Golden

Chief Administrative Officer

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