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Turnkey Auction Management & Resell Services

Expert analysis with portfolio rebalancing recommendations to keep your collection in line with your current tastes. Know what to keep, for how long, and what to drink, sell or give away now.

  • Auction Services

    With a deep understanding of the wine industry and collector nuances, we provide expert analysis to keep your collection in harmony with your evolving preferences. Whether it's determining which wines are ripe for enjoyment, which deserve more time in the cellar, or which might be prime candidates for selling or gifting, our guidance ensures you make the most of every bottle.

    Our longstanding relationships with prestigious auction houses place us in a unique position to advocate for your collection. We don't just ensure you get the best price – we also simplify the selling process for you. From setting the stage for the best deal, through to meticulous handling of fulfillment, packing, and shipping, we're by your side, making sure every transaction is seamless and rewarding.

  • Restoration Services

    Wine cellars are designed to protect your valuable collection in the most optimal state. When the inevitable happens and you're in need of repairing the finest room in your home, selecting the right partner to remove and store your wine is imperative.

    Whether you've experienced a leak, structural damage or impact to your cellar cooling unit, our wine experts and storage industry leaders are prepared to inventory, pack and transport your collection to one of our local facilities across the U.S. When your repair has been completed, you'll receive the same level of white-glove service in returning your bottles back to their home and in their original state.

Elevate your wine's value with Vino Vault's premier auction expertise
"Great spaces, staff, and proximity to where I live. Excellent combination of knowledge, friendliness and professionalism.The wine tastings are an unexpected benefit. Also, with the new owners, the opportunity to sell my wines, help to pack and ship to another buyer."
Stephen Bozich

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Whether you're looking to buy or sell, or have run into an unforeseen circumstance, our experts are here to help.

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