On the surface, wine collecting does not appear to be a perilous pursuit. You buy some wine, put it away somewhere, wait a while, pull the cork, pour it, drink it and there’s no trouble about it. But a lot can go wrong. If you keep wine in conditions too hot or too cold, the wine can turn out rather differently than intended or expected.

And then there are the “unforeseeables”- a leak, a broken cooling unit, or structural damage.

We had a client who is known by one name, but I am sworn by NDA never to reveal that name. He built a magnificent, perfectly circular wine cellar down a spiral staircase, directly under his front door. It was a concrete bunker, dry-walled, vapor-barriered and racked out in stained mahogany. It was spectacular! It was a masterpiece. And when the water main to his sprinkler system broke directly overhead, he realized that he’d built a swimming pool and filled it with wine bottles that were now floating chest-high in water. All the wine had to be moved out while the cellar was dried out and repaired.

Whether it’s Murphy’s Law or just the law of averages, there’s always going to be one of these unforeseeable events. You can take it to the bank. Nobody’s happy about it, but they happen all the time. For wine collectors, if you have a problem in your cellar, it’s likely going to be a pain to deal with. Your collection is fragile and heavy, and very hard to replace. When these events happen, wine collections require certain care to maintain integrity- packed up in special boxes and stored in a temperature-controlled setting from end to end. Moving furniture is a breeze by comparison: you just throw a blanket over it and put it in a warehouse. Anybody can do it. Moving wine requires a S.W.A.T. team with people who know how to take good care of it—packing it, storing it, and bringing it back safely.

At Vino Vault, we take wine storage and logistics seriously. With seven facilities across the US, we are the most trusted name in the wine storage industry. Our local teams of experts can safely remove, inventory and store your wine in optimal conditions until the repair is complete. When you’re ready for us to bring your collection back in its original state, we’re here for you. You can learn more about Vino Vault’s Restoration Services here.