Cellar Management

One of the biggest issues wine collectors face is not knowing what is in their collection. This leads to wines aging past their prime, missing unique sales opportunities, and depreciation of asset value – not to mention the frustration of not being able to find the right wine for the right moment.

Vino Vault employs wine cellar masters to create a comprehensive inventory of your collection across all storage locations. Our simple app provides the collector with a full view of everything you own: our "single pane of glass" approach.

Once your collection is organized, we can handle all of the mundane aspects of cellar management for you, identifying the ideal time to drink or sell any bottle in your collection and giving you a clear, informative view of everything you own. Cellar masters are available for follow-up consultations to help you plan and manage future sales or acquisitions to maximize your collections value and enhance your enjoyment of the wines you most prefer.